• Doctor of Laws. Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2006. Honored for Distinguished Doctoral Thesis
• United States Judiciary Training Program. Federal Judicial Center, Washington D.C. 2005 and 2006
• Economic Administrative Law Diploma. Argentine Catholic University. 1998
• Law Degree. Argentine Museo Social University Law School. 1992
• B.A. in Teaching English. Juan Ramón Fernández Teacher Training College. 1985




• Argentine Supreme Court of Justice Award. Given to laureate law school graduates. 1995
• Argentine Catholic University. Post-doctoral Fellowship. 2013 - present




• Associate professor, Doctrine and Case Law. National Lomas de Zamora University. 2011 – present
• Adjunct professor, Administrative Law. Argentine Catholic University. 2006 – present
• Visiting Professor, Comparative Administrative Law. Universidad Austral. 2001 – present


Law Practice


• Argentine Supreme Court of Justice. 1993 - 1994
• Public Administration. 1995 - 1999
• National Federal Court of Appeals for Administrative Litigation. 2000 - 2005
• Buenos Aires Judicial Council. 2016 – 2018

• Attorney in private practice at a law firm. 2005 – present


Publishing and Publications


• Deputy Director, Administrative Law Review [Revista de Derecho Administrativo]  (ReDA), Thomson Reuters Abeledo Perrot, Buenos Aires
• Ex-Executive Director, Argentine Journal of Energy, Hydrocarbons and Mining Law [Revista
Argentina de Derecho de la Energía, Hidrocarburos y Minería
] (RADEHM), Ábaco, Buenos Aires
• Author, Public Utility Rates [Régimen de las tarifas de los servicios públicos]. Buenos Aires, Ábaco, 2007, 656 pgs. 
• Editor and Co-author, Manual of Doctrine and Case Law [Manual de jurisprudencia y doctrina]. Buenos Aires, La Ley, 2013, 858 pgs.




• National Academy of Law and Social Sciences of Buenos Aires, Administrative Law Institute.

• National Academy of Law and Social Sciences of Buenos Aires, Constitutional Law Institute.
• National Academy of Law and Social Sciences of Córdoba, Federalism Institute.
• Argentine Federation of Bar Associations, Legislative Studies Institute.
• Association of Lawyers of the City of Buenos Aires (Director and Ex-Commission President).
• Argentine Constitutional Law Association.
• Argentine Philosophy of Law Association.
• Argentine Comparative Law Association.
• Argentine Constitutional Litigation Association.
• International Academy of Comparative Law / Académie internationale de droit comparé.